Is there an age limit for clients?

I am qualified to train clients over the age of 15. There is no upper age limit and i have an extra qualification for training older adults.

Do you give dietary advice?

Yes i help with nutrition and have good knowledge in this field after studying modules on this in university and i also carry a nutritional therapy qualification.

How many times a week should i train with you?

It depends on the clients situation as everyone lives different lives and have different schedules and budgets however, twice a week is the average that people train plus other physical activity that they do away from our sessions. 

Can i train if i have not exercised much in the past?

Definitley, i help people of all fitness levels and tailor sessions to each individual.

I am a nervous person when it comes to gyms and i feel self conscious in these environments, will your training be different to going to gyms on my own.

I pride myself on making people feel comfortbale and i gauruntee a non intimidating atmosphere. I have trained many people that feel self conscious in bigger gyms.

Do you have any reviews i can look at before i book?

Yes, i have reviews on this webisite and also on my facebook page

Neil Massett Personal Training

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